June 24th: Julie Indelicato

Julie Indelicato will be performing at 450 Live! on June 24th. She plays covers with her special touch, and much retuning of the guitar and changing of the voice in between songs.

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Julie with her instruments.

Julie Indelicato

Julie is an expert of the guitar, both as a musician and a broker.  She plays other people’s music and makes it her own.  Words cannot do her justice, so I give you a few videos:

Stormy Weather


Skinny Love


May 13: Chance’s End and Emily Zisman

Ryan and Emily will be performing at 450 Live! on lucky May 13th. Lucky day, they’ll be doing a set from each of their projects: soulful electronica as “Chance’s End” and folksy awesome as Emily Zisman.

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Emily Zisman
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Emily is a talented singer songwriter born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since picking up the guitar at the tender age of eight Emily’s musical journey has taken her all over the world. She has graced the stages up and down both sides of the United States and has performed internationally at festivals in Europe. Her natural musical talent combined with her deep passion and love for music has made her live performances truly something to write home about. When asked what is it that she loves about performing Emily replies, “I love the energy shared between an audience and a performer. When it’s there, the interplay between the listeners and performers can create an experience unique to a given space and time. It’s hard not to get carried away in the moment.” Currently, Emily is promoting her recently released, critically acclaimed debut album “Naked Day Alone”. When not playing her own music Emily is an in-demand session musician and performs regularly around the San Francisco Bay Area with various artists such as Blues Legend Tia Carroll. Find out more about Emily Zisman and her music at www.emilyzisman.com

Chance’s End
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The two members of electronica outfit Chance’s End, based in San Francisco, will be the first to admit that electronic music is the last thing you would expect to be heard from a folk singer and a classical violinist. Vocalist Emily Zisman’s folk-rooted melodies are awash in Americana, while Ryan Avery’s violin seeps into every crevice. But throwing both of them in a room together is like putting Ani DiFranco and Groove Armada into a washing machine set on spin cycle – you get some convoluted metaphor that results in good music.

Chance’s End are currently recording and releasing digital singles through their website www.chancesend.com. They play shows throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and occasionally tour regionally along the western US coast. Lead singer Emily Zisman also maintains a solo singer/songwriter outlet for her folk music at www.emilyzisman.com.

“The music of Chance’s End is like putting Ani DiFranco and Groove Armada into a washing machine set on spin cycle”

Chance’s End was formed in 2001 by Ryan as an outlet for fusing solo acoustic violin over his love  downtempo electronica. Some time in 2008, Ryan and Emily met at a crowded blues bar where they were playing on a shared bill. Over the next two years, they built a musical understanding by collaborating on eachother’s tracks. It became apparent that a musical partnership was solidifying, so in 2010 Emily joined Chance’s End as frontwoman and lead singer.

Though San Francisco’s eclictic melting pot tends to make odd-couple musical duos a cliche, the music of Chance’s End is anything but.


April 1: Sean Gaskell, Player of the West African Kora

West AfricaSean Gaskell has been playing the Kora since 2006. This melodic 21 string harp-lute is native to the Mandinka people of West Africa, within the present day nations of Gambia, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, and Guinea Bissau.  The Kora is believed to be centruies-old, traditionaly used to accompany songs of praise for key figures in the early 13th century rise of the Mandinka Empire.

Photo of Sean GaskellSean was initially inspired to play the Kora after hearing the instrument played by Kane Mathis, a Seattle-based performer.  Sean traveled to Gambia in 2008 and 2012 to study with famed Kora player Moriba Kuyateh, and his father, Malamini Jobarteh.  

We are pleased to present Sean on his California tour.

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